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we are unapologetic in the sense that won't apologise for walking in our truth, knowing what we want, being proud of who we are and knowing what we stand for.


we are community driven and always put Black woman at the centre of everything we do. this is a platform created by black women for black women.


we are here to shine a light on what it truly means to be a multifacited Black woman and to be a source of encouragement because accurate representation matters


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Founded in December 2019, Vibes of a Black Girl is a social first platform dedicated to empowering, elevating and equipping Black women and girls with the tools and resources they need to feel confident, capable and inspired. We provide  value and empowerment through developing fresh, thought-provoking and authentic content across digital media. We also create safe spaces for our community to have progressive conversations and feel comfortable enough to express themselves and their truths.


Our purpose is to encourage Black women and young girls to live out loud, unapologetically and authentically. To know that they can let go of the self-limiting beliefs and live a life of fulfilment and abundance. Our vision is to see a world where Black women are free to exist and show up as their most authentic selves, with no apologies.

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hey sis, own your story and live your truth. life is too short to live with regret. (7).pn

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hey sis, own your story and live your truth. life is too short to live with regret. (5).pn

coming soon

hey sis, own your story and live your truth. life is too short to live with regret. (4).pn

coming soon

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Emma Sijuwade is a British-Nigerian MBA grad, a digital strategist, entrepreneur and public speaker. She is the founder of Vibes of a Black Girl and Digital Agency, Socibelle. After struggling to feel confident and empowered in her skin, throughout her teenage years, as well as the lack of accurate representation in the media growing up, she is now on a mission to challenge the false narrative and negative perception society has around Black women. She wants to encourage and empower Black women and young Black girls to take up space, live

out loud and walk in their truth, unapologetically. 

Emma is passionate about all things digital media, neurodiversity, red lipstick, popular culture and building safe spaces for Black women to thrive and vibe. 

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A daily text subscription, specifically aimed at encouraging and empowering unapologetic Black

women and girls, every 👏🏾 single 👏🏾 day of 2022!

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Lip Paint in Stunna | Fenty

we're convinced that this is the perfect red for Black skin tones and it applies perfectly.


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Exfoliant | Paula's Choice

this exfoliant has anti-inflammatory properties, that helps to reduce blemishes.

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Face Oil | Sunday Riley

we love this a Vitamin C + Turmeric face oil that recharges the radiance of your skin.


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Hair Mask | Camille Rose

our go-to hair care brand and this deep conditioning mask is the mask of dreams.


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Resurfacing Mask | Versed

a dream facial peel that uses AHA, BHA, and enzyme exfoliation to tackle hyperpigmentation.


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Sunscreen | Supergoop

we never start the day without sunscreen and this is this one we're obsessed with rn.

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Nail Oil | Sally Hansen

our nails have never looked better with this moisturising Vitamin E oil that cares for dry, brittle nails.


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Liquid Blush | Rare Beauty

this liquid blush is a total gamechanger and the colour is beaut, super lightweight too.

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that extra Black girl sauce and the latest updates from the team, straight to your inbox. We will also never pass on your information on to 3rd parties sis!

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